Agriculture is the engine catalyzing the inexhaustible fund of human ingenuity that feeds and fuels the nexus of global striving we perceive as modern civilization. No other activity so directly addresses human survival and well-being, global economic development, and prospects for an environmentally sustainable future. Agrosphere International Group operates under the premise that technology is a continuum that should drive core business value, build energy and food security, improve the quality of life and economic opportunity everywhere. 

Agrosphere International Group was formed in 2020 as the parent body of a portfolio of three related entities:

  • Core AgriSystems, a consulting and technical services provider rooted in applied research and product development, technology validation, and agri-intelligence. Core AgriSystems also conducts on-demand routine and custom soil, water, and plant tissue testing through the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA & CS) Agronomic Services division and N.C. State University.
  • Cypress Prong Farms, a commercial farming operation and field laboratory located near Spring Hope, N.C. specializing in premium quality hay, novel and emerging crops, and timber. 
  • Agrosphere International, a digital platform dedicated to publishing data and exchanging know-how with the global community of growers, scientists, engineers, technologists, and informed citizens.

We invite you to browse our site. Examine recent and ongoing work in Projects; for the novice and seasoned professional we offer a series of technical notes in Dirt Hog’s Companion; links to innovative, boot-worthy ideas about tillage, agro-productivity and resource-efficient “sustainable” agriculture in Behind the Wire; the evolving field of site-specific management in On Point; Agrosphere Journal, a poignant if occasionally unorthodox blog that ponders land and life and everything within and between; finally, learn about culture, agriculture, and the world beyond in Explorations. And let us know if you have found something useful or thought-provoking here, or simply would like to talk shop. We perceive no boundaries in public discourse for brazen and forward ideas about sustaining a hungry planet.

AMPLIFY Research Team Kinston N.C.

For the past 26 years, Mr. Walters has led trans-disciplinary research operations at NC State University engaging diverse college, commodity group, and private sector stakeholders. Prior to NCSU he was active in agrochemical product development; geotechnical testing; irrigation; and potable water and wastewater infrastructure. He also served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Sierra Leone, West Africa as vocational agriculture and extension educator and, in a similar role with UF/USAID in Cameroon. Mr. Walters has authored or co-authored five technical articles published in major peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is a longtime member of Gamma Sigma Delta agricultural honor society and has been recognized for his high scholarship and contribution to the agricultural sciences.